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The Cotswold Creative Storage Project

We are proud and excited to bring you the Cotswold Creative Storage Project…

Following on from our Forever Moments Creative Storage Projects; the Tivoli, Verona and Lyon, we are proud to bring you the Cotswold.This box has been designed to fit the Nuvo products. This beautiful storage has three tiers; the first fits seven Nuvo Pure Sheen Glitter bottles, the second and third can hold sixteen Crystal/Glitter Drop bottles each, the perfect solution for your Nuvo Collection.

But thats not all – why limit it to the craft room? you could design and decorate one for the kitchen to organise herbs, for the living area for your letters, in bright colours to display your children or grandchildren’s favourite toys – or even for your dressing table to display your favourite perfumes – its really up to you.

Keep an eye on Tonic Gold for samples and inspiration…

Create your storage to suit you – use your favourite colours, favourite decorative papers and embellishments!

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