Jodie Tips

My name is Jodie Johnson I’m 39 years old, a wife and mother of two wonderful children.  My career started when I first trained as a Chef and later front of house in 4 and 5 star hotels.

How does this apply to crafting?  Well, all my crafting skills are to do with moulding and shaping.  Whether it be sugar paste for flowers, fancy folded napkins or card and paper; it is all really the same.  I’ve always been ‘crafty’ in one way or another, sewing at home e.g. curtains, soft furnishing etc.  I started to really paper craft about 10 years ago for a hobby.

I started hand sewing my Christmas cards but soon realised I needed a faster way, hence paper craft.  Things soon dropped into place when I started mixing the sewing and paper crafts selling them at Craft Fairs and Farmer Markets; you could say been there and ‘got the tee shirt’, producing x amount of hand made products and selling them like most of our crafters do.  I found some petal pair punches one day in a local craft shop and the love affair with Tonic studios soon began.

My skills from long ago came back to the surface moulding and shaping as I went.  The Tonic products are so robust (me been no wall flower) it was a match made in heaven and have never looked back since. Tonic products allow me to create the most beautiful 3D design work, whether it be a centre piece on a table or a simple greeting card, the choice is endless.

I will be sharing some of my tips that will help you get the most out of your Tonic product.

Happy Crafting!

Jodie :)

Jodie Johnson